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Stop falling off the wagon and get in the best shape of your life with our free MDBS system for lasting weight loss

The Problem Isn't the weight

You know how to get in shape.

You’ve done it before and you can do it again.

Losing weight is the easy part

But developing the mindset, discipline and daily habits that truly transform your life?

THAT is the piece you’ve been missing.

It's not about the weight you lose, but who you become in the process

Transform Your Life From The Inside Out

Let us show you how

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The Million Dollar Body Society

A monthly membership subscription to transform your body and your life from the inside out.

If you’re tired of counting calories, yo-yo dieting, and never being able to maintain your results long term, this membership was made for you.

This is our signature month-to-month subscription that allows users to get complete access to our entire MDBS library including Q&A sessions, a community of other badass folks, daily customized targets, all our fitness and nutrition resources and so much more.

Ready to get started?

Meet the founders

Erin & Sarit

Hey we’re E&S!

We know what it’s like to work your ass off to not get results fast enough!

We’ve overcome the yo-yo dieting cycle of hell and learned how to achieve and maintain an energized, confident, and badass body in the most sustainable way known to mankind!

Having a confident, healthy, and athletic body is your birthright, and we know how to get you there… which is why we do what we do!

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