Million Dollar Body Society

A Fitness Based Lifestyle Transformation Program

You’re in the right place

If you’re reading this, there’s one undeniable truth about you: you crave more from life

Finding yourself here, perusing these words, might leave you questioning whether you should simply be content with your accomplishments thus far.

You’ve ascended the career ladder, raised your family, and checked all the boxes for adulting. By all accounts, happiness should be yours. Yet, something’s missing.


Because you belong to an extraordinary breed of human beings—a rare, indomitable spirit driven by challenges, eager to be pushed to the brink so you can finally see what you’re made of.

You’re not satisfied with a “normal” life.

You yearn for a life and a physique that fill you with overwhelming pride.

And this… this marks the beginning.

We know the badass you really are

You’re not interested in basic calorie counting, weight loss shakes, or pseudo diet pills.

You want REAL and LASTING results that go far beyond a set of abs and toned arms.

It's time to find out what you're truly made of

(hint: it’s probably better than you could ever imagine)

We’re here to help you develop the daily habits, routines, skills and tools that will transform your life from the inside out.

A rich life starts with a rich heart, a happy mind and a healthy body, and that’s exactly what we’re about to teach you.

Not just in theory, but in simple, actionable and measurable ways so you can stop wondering if you’re on the right track and start getting the results you really want.

The 5 Pillars For Lasting Transformation



How we fuel our bodies is how we fuel our lives, learning how to develop a healthy and empowering relationship with food is the first step towards living your rich life.



We can only go as far as our body will carry us which is why movement is medicine and helps you develop the strength to take yourself further than you’ve ever gone before.



Motivation isn’t always going to be an option, which is why learning how to develop discipline and hold yourself accountable, especially on the days you don’t feel like it is paramount for your growth.


Mindset & Mental Toughness​

No amount of strategy will ever work if we don’t also develop the mindset and mental capacity to deal with the discomfort of life’s challenges and find a way to grow through it all.


Regeneration & Recovery

If you never learn to rest, you’re destined for a life of burnout which is why real growth and lasting change isn’t just about pushing hard, it’s about knowing HOW and WHEN to rest and recover.

Master The Pillars, Master Your Life.

And just so you know,

You don’t have to do it alone.


The Million Dollar Body Society

A membership subscription built to transform your life from the inside out

How It Works

Step 1

Pick Your Plan

Sign up with a zero commitment month-to-month subscription OR get two months free when you pay in full for the year!

Step 2

Take The Assessment

Once you’ve purchased, take our custom assessment to understand where your strengths and areas of growth are.

Step 3

Download The App

Now that you know what level you’re at, it’s time to open your phone and download the custom MDBS membership app where you get instant access to our epic only community, fitness library, and mindset resources.

Step 4

Track Your Daily Targets

Each day you get to track your growth and progress through the app to build new habits and celebrate daily streaks

Step 5

uplevel your life

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to up level in the community and in your life with new challenges and new targets to keep you growing!

This isn’t another basic gym/fitness membership.

It's a lifestyle transformation app crafted by fearless women

FOR the bold go-getters aspiring for more.

What's Included

Live Q&A Coaching Calls

Get realtime feedback and support from Erin & Sarit with the live webinar style coaching calls and access to all recordings.

Private Community

Share your wins, ask for support, and meet other MDBS members to hold you accountable every step of the way.

Personalized Daily Targets

Track your own daily targets, hit new levels with consistency streaks, habit development, and easily monitor your growth all in one place

E&S Fitness Library

Instant access to the Burn Zone training programs, yoga, boxing and more so you can stop guessing and start progressing!

Nutritional Resources

Skip the meal stress and take advantage of the E&S resources to help you plan for food success with recipes, resources, and more!

Pocket Coaching

Have Erin & Sarit in your back pocket anytime you need a little dose of inspiration from the private pocket coaching epsiodes in the app.

Ready To Get Started?

Pick your plan


Month to month subscription cancel anytime
$ 97
per month
  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls
  • Mobile App Membership
  • Full access to the fitness library
  • Full access to all pocket coaching episodes
  • Full access to the nutritional and mindset resources
  • Full access to your own custom daily targets and tracking history


Pay in full for the year and get 2 months free!
$ 997
per year
  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls
  • Mobile App Membership
  • Full access to the fitness library
  • Full access to all pocket coaching episodes
  • Full access to the nutritional and mindset resources
  • Full access to your own custom daily targets and tracking history
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